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A Million Bones of Stone

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A Million Bones of Stone is a YouTube Channel dedicated the past, present and future of paleontology.  We offer updates of the major stories of the previous month, unique specials, "Inside Paleontology," and our flagship short documentaries on "History of Prehistory" . . . in other words, the stories behind the science of paleontology. We'll dig below the surface to reveal the complex nexus of science, history, art and pop culture with a tapestry of interesting characters, documents and images.

Our first short documentary, Episode 1: Leaping Lizards, premiered on Oct. 1, 2019 as the first sample of the project. 

Click  to watch episode 1!

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Episode 2: The Heiress and the Sea Monster, is available now!

Click  to watch episode 2!

The first installment in "Inside Paleontology" is available now. Learn how scientists at Virginia Tech use 3D printing to garner new insights into the past. 

Click  to watch installment #1 !

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