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Enjoy the Show

The Hull's 



For decades, Hull's Drive In near Lexington, Virginia was the heart and soul of Rockbridge County. But when owner Sebert W. Hull passed on in 1998, it looked like the institution would slowly crumble like so many other American drive-in theaters. 


But the fast action of a group of concerned citizens known as Hull's Angels banded together and saved the theater, making it the first publicly owned non-profit drive in in America. It is a unique story of community action being stronger than trends and the passage of time . . . and we want to tell it. 

Right now, Hull's Angels is raising funds for the final phase--ownership of the land it sits upon. You can help. Take a few minutes to watch the video below and learn how. 

NOTE: YouTube has added commercials to this non-profit video, NOT Horse Archer. We have no choice about this and do NOT receive compensation. ​

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