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A Million Bones of Stone, the web series from Horse Archer Productions exploring the history of paleontology and the latest in the science, is back after a 2020 production halt! 

We tell stories that are not as well known and bring the science of paleontology to life in new ways. How the famous Bone Wars feud erupted over a tiny mite, how a sugar cane heiress discovered an important new species and rewrote the social rules of science and (coming soon) how a giant dinosaur's popularity became associated with the horrors of WWI. 

Click here to check out the first videos and make sure you subscribe to the channel to stay on top of the latest work.

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It's after midnight on a windy and lonely night. You twist the dial of the family RCA quietly so no one hears until you find it. A spine chiller . . . Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man! It might just be too much terror for your sneaky little 10 year old heart to bear.


But, you are not alone. You have a friend in the dark. A ghoulish, insane costumed friend to keep you company and make you laugh. 

This is Virginia Creepers, 50 years of television horror hosting in the Commonwealth and District of Columbia. The film uncovers forgotten hosts, recovers lost footage and tells the stories behind the wigs and capes. 

You can enjoy Virginia Creepers at and relive all your memories and discover a few new fiends . . . er, friends!


Virginia Creepers was just the beginning. One of the state's most beloved and respected hosts, The Bowman Body (a.k.a. Bill Bowman) played in three different markets over the course of two decades and his loyal fans demanded feature length treatment.

Bowman's antics are legendary--from biker gang fans to naked co-eds appearing at his home to the infamous "basketball" incident--and his fans among the nation's most loyal. Bowman toured the state as a celebrity at colleges and had head-to-head ratings higher than Johnny Carson. 

This feature length documentary captures it all.

Get your copy of this feature length documentary at as well as t-shirts, mugs and other items to celebrate Bill's legacy.

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