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Song of the Mountains

Since 2005, Song of the Mountains has been featured on public television stations across the United States, showcasing the best bluegrass, old time, gospel and Americana music hosted by a bluegrass icon, Tim White.  From February 2014 through January 2016, Horse Archer Productions produced the show with a talented crew including Chris Valluzzo (director), Andy Parker (technical director), Robert Bryant, Chad Kotz, Jennifer Law Young (editors), Eric Schenkel, Greg Whisenhunt,  Jasmine Dent Franks (camera operators), Bruce Young, Josh Blanton (sound engineers) and Jonathan Blake (lighting). Sean Kotz was producer during this time.  Many of our versatile crew swapped jobs as necessary.  During our tenure there, we recorded performances by several American musical legends including Dr. Ralph Stanley.

Song of the Mountains is recorded in Marion, VA at the Lincoln Theater and distributed through UNC-TV, a PBS affiliate.

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