"New Adjectives"

What is the "New Adjectives" short documentary series? 
"New Adjectives" is the collective name for a series of short film projects funded by Patreon supporters that seek to get to the essence of a story in three to five minutes.  Each film is a tightly focused look at the world beneath the world we see, told by regular people in a visually compelling way.
Um yeah . . . so what's this Patreon thing? 
Patreon is a crowd funding site that supports the creator and not just a single project.  There are various perks for different levels of support, but it can start as low as a dollar a month.  That's about the price of a pizza spread over the course of a year.  Click the link to check it out and support our efforts.
Why support New Adjectives?
1.  We tell interesting, positive stories about history, art, nature, science, people and daily life that you won't find anywhere else.  We are not interested in vulgarity or sensationalism. There's enough of that elsewhere. 
2. It's good for the region.  We operate out of the New River Valley of Virginia, one of the most beautiful, interesting places in the world with plenty of stories.  And then there is the stories we are finding around the state and Appalachia. 
3.  When new films come out, you have a nice distraction that appeals to your mind and senses.  In other words, your coffee break gives you something substantial.  
4.  We help young film makers learn their craft and get professional experience and a real job history.  As we grow, so will the opportunities, including paid internships--and you make it happen.
5.  We're cool, you're cool and it is a cool thing to do.  Seriously, supporting non-commercial art is a good thing to do.